Web Cory Lafferty

My first and largest web site, this site has over 100 teams and nearly 1000 player from around the county using it. Recreation softball and baseball teams use the site for storing stats and schedules. Players can then see all there averages and who are the team leaders.

Forward A Day dotCom
A realtively young site with a growing audience, this is where I store all the good forwards that are out there. I take ratings from all the people that check out the site and delete the lamest forwards

I don't get any of the credit for the idea, but the site is all mine. This site is used by a friend of mine to sell shirts that he designed. We collect pictures of people wearing the shirts to put on the site and ask why they miss manhattan. For those that don't know Manhattan refers to Manhattan, KS home of Kansas State University.

Look familiar, this is the second of what we hope to become an empire of shirt sales in cities across the nation. College Station refers to College Station, TX home of Texas A&M Aggies.

Collegetown Apparel
This is the umbrella organization of the sites list just above. It doesn't serve much of a purpose except to have a central location for all our I MISS shirts.

Molly Lafferty
My favorite site by far! This is where we put our favorite pictures of Molly so that our friends and family that don't get to see her often can watch her grow.

Charlotte Lafferty
My other favorite site by far! This is where we put our favorite pictures of Charlotte so that our friends and family that don't get to see us often can watch her grow.

Pat Lafferty - Realator
This is a web site I built for my Dad for his real estate business. If you are in KC and looking to buy or sell your home, this is the perfect site.

Surety & Fidelity Claims Institute
I build this site for a family friend that is the president of the organization. The design was done by a friend of my then I created everything else that you see and don't see. In the member section there are areas for event registration and paying dues.

Vandever Law Firm
This kind of work is what is quickly becoming my specialty, the owner of this site, liked the look of it, but didn't have a way to alter content. I created an admistration portal and moved all the content into a database so it could be changed easily.

Motorcycle Injury Law Center
Here I did the same work as the site above.

My Car Checkup
The intent of this web site is to provide a place that will give you information about upkeep on your car and also provide a way to sign up for email reminders so you don't forget to do that upkeep.

Kansas Medical Support
My wife and father-in-laws business, the site is used for scheduling and mission planning. All the functionality is after you log into the site.

Kansas City Bars
This is owned by a friend of mine that hadn't been able to make much progress on it. I came in and added all the fuctionality and next will be applying a new design to the site. The pub crawl feature is our favorite part.

Glenn Nicoles - Online Resume
Online resume that I put together for my uncle. This is certainly one of the best looking sites that I've made.

KISS Trades
Web site used for getting a subscription to weekly stock tips. I don't work on the stock tips, but am responsible for 90% of the coding that went into the site.

Sweet Pea Accessories
This site was put together over a weekend, it's used to sell baby accessories.

Chi Omega - Kappa Alpha Chapter
My first big project, there isn't too much to the public side of the web site, but there is a lot more hidden behind the login screen.


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